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Cheney had [his defibrillator] replaced in and his doctor, cardiologist Jonathan Reiner, with whom he wrote the book, had the device's wireless function disabled so a terrorist couldn't send his heart a fatal shock. RSS feed of articles by Paul Waldman. Where do I receive this insight? Simply put, Chaney is a chicken hawk. If you're arguing about what is or is not permissible by law, you've already lost the moral high ground. If even 1 American life was saved by doing it I'd say it was worth it because I value American lives over the lives of terrorists. We kill rabid dogs whose only fault is that they were bit by another rabid animal.
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The Full Power Of Vice President Dick Cheney Is Only Now Becoming Clear

There's an old saying Submitted by Kurt Nelson on December 15, - As evidence, he pointed out the presence of a very suspicious looking empty water bottle next to the ant hill that "most definitely contains nuclear weapons. The responsibility lies with us. As this is not a public forum, I doubt censorship would affect any conversation we had about whether or not we agree that the US is a terrorist nation. Waving away any possible complications associated with excessive involvement.
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George H.W. Bush criticizes Cheney and Rumsfeld for actions in son's Cabinet

Some were apparently suspected of planning things which never took place. First, is an incredibly hostile attitude from mainstream media towards the legacy of the Bush administration. Count me as another who is Submitted by Alfred Sullivan on December 15, - 1: The Geneva Convention comes to mind, though an update might be in order to handle actors not associated with any particular country. The act decreed that the government could monitor what kind of condoms people use, what flavors of ice cream they prefer, how many people they have had sex with, and what their shoe sizes are. He told his biographer that Mr Cheney was an "iron ass" who exerted too much of a "hardline" influence over his son. How much faith can or should news organizations place in the U.
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If the result of the Arab Spring is democracy in the Middle East, he will likely be treated as having helped set off something positive along with destroying our economy and our relations with our allies. That is, perhaps, part of the discussion which needs to be had. Germany is actively developing photovoltaics, we should begin to do the same now. Torture is never acceptable, not for any person, nor any situation. A polarizing figure writes a polarizing memoir - net change: Dick Cheney's mind is completely unaware of the pain he is inflicting on himself and the world but his body is not. Justice and vengeance are very close cousins, and our culture has lost much of the distinction.
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